Getting Up to Date with UFQ2BE

Recently our group had an Ugly Fat Quater 2 be challenge.  With many participants, the results were surprisingly beautiful.  Fabric was chosen, blocks designed and sewn.  Just look at the beautiful blocks.  You know beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I recall the begining of this process someone brought a brown batik.  As batiks go it was brown, but it was also lovely (to me anyway, many in the group turned their noses up at it).  Just look at the magic created by the E-Stitchers!


And thank you beautiful block babes for your lovely faces!  You make us all smile with your happiness!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There is a kitchen picture above in the slide show.  Notice the fog in the picture.  This meeting was held in a castle.  Could the fog be a friendly ghost quilter of the past?  Not sure what happened in the photo, but any of you E-Stitchers feel free to chime in on the comments and let us all know what that was!

I would say all these blocks were winners in the contest!  Thank you E-stitchers for participating and making this such a beautiful success!

A big Hug and Thank You to Helen for being our hostess for the event!  It was a good way to spend the day!


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