May Meeting 2017 Fabric Giveaway!


Attendees at our May meeting got a surprise.  One of our members came across 100 yards of quilting cotton on the shipping spool, pre bolted at an estate sale and shared the wealth with anyone who showed up.  The rest was donated to the E-Stitcher cause.

The above picture is getting down to meeting business.  Much was discussed.

Last month the Churn dash block was assigned and we had three people turn theirs in.  Thank you sew much for your donation of fabric and time.! As appreciation, gifts were passed out to the members who participated in this.  There was a tumbler template, fabric, and pipe cleaner straws (to clean your sewing machine) given to the ladies who achieved block completion status.

The next quilt block was assigned.  Thank you Sue for a wonderful shortcut to the 4 patch!


Above shows the steps in the process discussed in the meeting to achieve the blue and white units in the final quilt block.  This was a great demo of the traditional 4 patch.  The first step you join to pieces of fabric and sew two sides then cut it down the middle.  You do this process twice.  A perfectly square block because the cutting process is utilized cleverly during the sewing.


Above Sue also passed around a piece of Misty Fuse which is marvelously light for applique projects.  She brought her fish blocks which were great examples of machined applique using the Misty Fuse product.  Fantastic examples!  Sue you have been a busy lady!!!  We appreciate you!  Thank you sew much!


Cool Wraps for soldiers were in surplus.  We ended up with more than our goal!  Thank you E-Stitchers for making this happen.


Another afghan has been crocheted, ready to be donated for a good cause.  Thank you Linda!  Look at all that time and effort she crafted into a lovely soft blanket!

Above is a show and tell jacket that was so soft.  Beautiful, utilitarian form of quilting!

Below is an example of a string quilt block transformed into a clever mug rug.  The decorative quilting stitches was a very nice touch!


SSSSsssshhhhh this picture above is a secret.  It is for a pin cushion exchange that the local quilters guild was doing.  The other member from that guild had to close and hide her eyes at the meeting….No peeking.  Isn’t that pincushion a neat shape!


And there was a lovely story about a mouse.  This mouse was going to be given as a gift to someone who works at a lawyers office.  At this office, unbeknownst to the staff, glue traps were set to catch mice.  Glue traps are a horrible death for a mouse.  Well, they did catch a mouse, and the mouse was granted amnesty.   You see, the staff felt sorry for the mouse and cut out the glue trap around the mouse and set it free.  Sue was gifting this to the lawyer in the office, and the pun was she can even get you out of any sticky situation!!!  What a hoot!  Thanks Sue for that lovely story about the mouse!

An E-stitcher member decided to make pen holders to give away at a health fair at work to try to get new members.  Pictured above is the pen holder on the left, and on the right attached to the book.  Isn’t that a neat idea?  Thank you Michelle!  You are sew generous!


Helen pictured above made a marvelous costume using fabric paints on a canvas fabric.  A beautiful medieval robe sewn and decorated.   She will be treating the robe and making it waterproof…..a rain coat to protect the wearer from the elements.  I want to wear a costume like this, isn’t it regal looking?  Made for a King or Queen of a Castle!


An embroidery design to make a toilet paper roll cover!  Isn’t this little froggy cute?  Thank you Dianne!  Too cute!!!


Above is an iron caddy tote.  This tote you can put a hot iron in to transport from class, retreat, and travels safely with your iron.  The great thing is when it opens up the inside has the aluminized cotton fabric to iron on in your classroom without worrying about melting or burning table tops.  The pattern for this can be found here.  The pattern is free but requires you to find the center point on a large piece of paper and to mark accordingly by working from the center out.  Thank you Dawn for bringing your show ‘n tell.


Our meeting ran long, but there was so much discussed, accomplished, and planned!  We look forward to hearing from you!  If you are interested in joining our group located in Greenville, TX email us at

Stay tuned our next workshop is less than a month away!


2 thoughts on “May Meeting 2017 Fabric Giveaway!

  1. Dianne, I forgot to add the picture of the iron caddy. I also added the link. See if you can draw this out as a pattern and if you can perhaps this could be a workshop. 🙂


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