May 2017 Workshop — Learning Paper Piecing


The E-stitcher’s have been at it again, busy with lessons learning paper piecing.  For those of you who have done paper piecing there is a learning curve and getting to know your seam ripper a little better (even a little pirate talk now and again) is part of the process.

Sue gave a lovely lesson on this newer method of paper piecing.  We learned and laughed much!  Thank you Sue for leading us in the right direction.

Here is an example of some very small paper piecing.  Holy Cow!  I mean Flying Geese!


We started with the chisel block and moved on to trees.  Both were challenging, however the tree one seemed easier.  Was it because we had learned sew much from the chisel block?  Perhaps.

Imagine the colorful quilt this would make!  For those of you looking at this seeing uneven edges and aghast at what you are seeing, never fear this is how it is supposed to look.  They are currently in their untrimmed state.  What you cannot see is the paper attached to the back.  The paper has the seam allowance so some of these just have thicker seam allowances which will get trimmed away once you are ready to sew them together.  If any of you have more pictures please send them to me, you have my email address and I will get those uploaded here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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