Cool Wrap Group Success! And our Monthly meeting/demo April 2017

Our April workshop was a great success!  Thank you for donating your time and effort to help keep a soldier cool!  Look at the great fabric variety.  During our monthly meeting we all grabbed a few and turned them right side out getting them ready for their next step.  Stay tuned for an update!

As we gathered Thursday evening,  we have gotten sew much accomplished.

Our ladies have been busy.  Many blankets were crocheted, lots of beautiful hand appliqué work sewn, and some quilting projects underway were shown.  Prizes were awarded!  Thank you Dianne!

We have started our group on a quilt block a month program.  The plan is all these blocks will get assembled into a quilt for an upcoming raffle to raise money for Project Christmas Spirit.  This is in the early stages and you can feel the excitement.  Thank you piece makers for your donation of time and fabric!

And Helen gave a marvelous demonstration of a keepsake book for quilt blocks.  This book is made from foam core board and fabric.  It is stitched to resemble a book but is actually a quilter’s portfolio which keeps your UFOs or current work from getting creased, wrinkled, or pressed in all the wrong places.  A fantastic, simple storage plan for your sewing projects.

And her appliqué work is stunning!  Her book was filled with sew much loveliness all stitched by hand.  We are looking forward to her workshop on appliqué coming soon.  Be looking for this announcement.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Above is a slide show of her work.  Christmas joy all year through!

Next the show and tell category.  These are the members projects either completed or in progress.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Linda managed to crochet a couple more blankets.  Her stitches are so uniform.  That woman can crochet now!  She has made all of these with donation yarn.  I must say considering what she was given, she has made a couple spectacular blankets to swaddle and love someone who really needs it.  Thank you Linda!  She showed us her quilt she had quilted, lots of heart went into that quilt.  Embroidered hearts stitched by hand and more hearts added in the quilting.  And a few photos of a beautiful babe sitting on top.

And Dawn has brought her work’s in progress.  She has sewn the En Provence pattern by Bonnie Hunter and completed the top awaiting the quilting of the layers.  And brought the jelly roll race sewn in the February workshop,  which she is currently quilting on her domestic sewing machine (DSM).

Well that wraps up this post.  Be looking for a post soon with details coming of our next workshop sewing event.

Have a wonderful Easter!



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